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Enjoy your stay

You can personalize your spa experience by adding these special extras!


Bluetooth technology
State of the art Bluetooth technology puts the music at your fingertips. Enjoy your favourite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use stereo system. Simply sync any Bluetooth compatible device and as you slip into the soothing waters enjoy your favourite artists.

Fully integrated speakers
Two fully integrated speakers provide crisp clear fidelity for your listening enjoyment.


When you choose the MAAX® Collection Sound System, sound will resonate through the water from the powerful subwoofer, which is integrated directly into your spa’s structure. The technology allows you to not only hear, but also feel your music.


Ergonomic Massage Controller
The Ergonomic Massage Controller is illuminated to work in harmony with the other lighting options. It provides an ergonomic grip for easy adjustment of the jet pressure.


Built-in internal and external lighting illuminates the spa for both safety and romance. A selection of unique colour options further enhance an already perfect evening, taking garden fun to soaring new heights.


Illuminated Waterfall
Enjoy the soothing sound of the eye-catching illuminated waterfall feature.
(On models 780 and 480.) 


Illuminated laminar streams
A true laminar stream of water rises above the water’s surface providing a soothing visual and sound effect. The water stream is back-lighted for further visual enhancement.
(On models 811, 781, 581, 481, 472, 471, 470 and 461.)

Chromatherapy Lighting is designed to deliver the therapeutic effects colour can have. The Chromatherapy is produced from an array of 1” LED lights placed strategically between massage stations for optimal effect. Colour has been shown to stimulate specific energy centres in the body, promoting balance and healing throughout. These energy centres, known as Chakras, are located throughout the body. The Chromatherapy package includes:

  • Up to 18 Mood enhancing LEDs
  • Illuminated cup holders
  • Illuminated diverters
  • 10 Programmable light settings




 Fully integrated speakers        




Illuminated waterfall

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