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Reliable purity

Perfect moments deserve perfect, crystal clear water. The water maintenance of your spa is made easy by the features of the MAAX® Spas complete 6 step cleaning system. Water is first drawn into the system from both the upper skimmer and lower footwell areas. The 1000 gmp intake draws water into the filter system to capture surface debris and contaminants. Our 100% filtration means every drop of water is filtered before reaching the Powerworks™ 48 frame pump as our high volume filter cycle cleans your spa water 4 to 6 times per hour. Glistening clean water, in a moments notice.

6 Step Cleaning System 

  1. Weir door - breaks the water surface tension and traps debris
  2. First FilterTM - removes oil and ultra fine particulates when filtering
  3. Basket - captures debris before filtering for easy removal
  4. Spa filter - oversized filter permits high flow and cleans water
  5. CleanZoneTM - creates ozone to oxidize debris
  6. CleanZone IITM - water passes directly over the UV for next level sanitization.


First FilterTM
Our unique First Filter™ removes silt and fine particulates that would pass undetected through an ordinary filter. The skimmer basket traps larger materials such as leaves and debris - and the basket is then easily removed for quick cleaning.


MAAX® Spas CleanZone™ water purification system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal clear water while greatly reducing chemical maintenance. CleanZone™ is a Corona Discharge ozone system that desinfects ad cleans your spa water.  

CleanZone II™
The CleanZone II™ system combines the power of UV-C light and ozone, the same technology utilized in many communities around the world to purify drinking water. CleanZone II™ kills 99.9% of micro organisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites while oxidizing debris left behind. This system is the perfect blend of hygiene, purity and technology.

UV Clean

First Filter


Balboa Corona discharge



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